Video Mapping

Projection video mapping can be used for advertising, live concerts, theater, gaming, congress, indoor and outdoor works, computing, decoration and anything else you can think of.
With softwares, projectors and your visual imaginations..


Video mapping requires a  divided into two sections:

MANUFACTURING: Scenario, 3D modeling, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, GreenBox Projects etc.

PRODUCTION: Such elements as device; (projectors), cabling, softwares and installation.


Once the surface of appliance is detected, the devices need to send the visual from the correct distance. Whilst doing so,  environmental factors may be a block. Being able to position the devices to the correct place is important in terms of budget and workability. Therefore, environmental factors need to be considered whilst choosing the subject building.

For example, we can enlighten a building with the dimensions 20 meters to 15 meters with two projection devices from a distance of 25 meters. But in case we cannot keep the distance of 25 meters due to environmental factors, we will need 4 projection devices to be able to enlighten the whole building, which will cause an increase of budget.


There are two types of devices:

* Full HD 1920*1080 or more Resolution Devices

* XGA 1024*768 Resolution Devices

For outdoor video mapping, we suggest to use at least 15.000 Ansi Lumen projection devices. But for some locations, in order to ensure quality and to not reduce the light power, there may be a need to use 20.000 Ansi Lumen or 30.000 Ansi Lumen projection devices. The purchasing of the device should be discussed by both parties in order to make the correct choice.