Cultural & Educational Venues

We create immersive experiences  for museums, cultural heritage sites, events and exhibitions,  developing engaging  experiences on art and culture. Our productions contribute to  experience of education or cultural tourism both in content and by use  of latest technologies including augmented and virtual reality.

Public Spaces

We design and craft artistic and immersive experiences in cities that respond to the data flows, sounds and visceral senses of the city. Digital art has become more prominent in public spaces in major cities. We create  temporary experience-based installations in public spaces bring together technology, storytelling, performance. Our mission is to engage public spaces and revitalize urban spaces.

Themed Entertainment

With our innovations of immersive art experiences, we create businesses models in markets adopting new types of experiences. We elaborate visitor attractions starting from concept design to storytelling. The dreams are now more enhancing. All of these experiences connect the illusionary environment that surrounds and envelopes their audiences, allowing them to become an essential part of the overall entertainment.

Resorts & Hotels

We design immersive entertainment concept of the attractions covering from immersive art installations and virtual reality to escape rooms and fully-themed immersive parks.

Our design methodologies focus on viewing audiences as active participants rather than passive observers.

Experiential Marketing

We support brands with the goal of evoking an emotion or reaction that is memorable for the consumer. Our innovative, interactive experiences bring brands to life, make consumers feel more connected to the brands and companies and spark opportunities for shareability. Brand activations, guerilla marketing, retail experiences, product showcases helps create an overall strategy for your event.

Stadiums & Concerts

Our immersive digital experiences transforming live sporting events with a whole new roster of next-generation event. Our ultimate fan experience in stadiums and arenas are powered by augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies. We entertain, inform and inspire.