Theodosius Cistern 360° Projection Mapping Experiential & Immersive

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** Award Winning Project ** We have created a unique “experience project” in Theodosius Cistern, one of the oldest cisterns in Istanbul, built during the reign of Theodosius II (428 – 450).

With this project, visitors coming to the cistern can; – experience the space perception in three dimensions – interact with the structure – and trace the aquaculture of Istanbul. This special show featuring Turkey’s first 360° Projection Mapping system consists of 5 main sections and offers a 10-minute experience. Intro-Byzantine Periods-Ottoman Empire Periods-Turkey Republic Periods-Outro

With the 360° Projection Mapping method, the columns, walls and ceiling make the visitors virtually experience history. During the first 90 days of the project, all teams came together almost every week and the project process was managed. Our most important issue was not to damage this 1,600-year-old historical texture and not even a screw was used in the project. Wind calculations were made against situations such as earthquakes and special cabinets were produced in conditions with 100% humidity to protect electronic devices.

At the beginning of the visual work, the historical story of the Cistern inspired our creative design, while we modeled our entire project location in 3D. All walls and columns were mapped. After all area calculations and mapping was done, the size of the image that appeared was over 20,000 pixels. Rendering period that lasted for days was the most enjoyable time for us under pandemic restrictions. With 3D animations and special effects, we formed the depth perception that offers a unique experience in the place.

We have prepared an experience that fascinates the visitor and presents all the history of the place. For the project, a team of 32 people worked over 160 days. This project, which was presented to the visitors in August 2021, is still active and waiting for its visitors.

We are waiting for you at Theodosius Cistern in Istanbul to experience the history.

Project Owner: TUCE Investment, Kultur AS, IBB Project

Director: Burcu Övündür

Project Content Officer: Melis Keskin

Project IT Manager: Sait Seven

Project Operations Director: Orçun Akkoyun

Project Sound Team: Astel Display Systems

Project Multi-Screen Management: Visio Vox

Project Electrical Infrastructure Team: Tenax Engineering

Project Display Systems : Astel Display Systems

Project Truss Systems: Argos Engineering

Project Owner Art Director: Sinem Özcan

Visual Production : Project Istanbul Project,

Producer: Cansu Ergin

Executive Producer : Birol Erdoğan

Creative Director : Surhay Kılıç

3D Artist : Berk Polat 3D

Modeling : Arda Özkanca

Motiong Graphics Designer : Murat Kılıç

Music Designer : Rammy Roo

Sound FX Designer : Tuğrul Gültepe