Antique Phrygia: Immersive Experience

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We built it on a 270 degree place to maximize the visitor experience. In addition to this space that surrounds us, we also created a visual viewing area on its ground.

In this show, where we aim for an immersive experience, using software-based artificial intelligence on millions of photos the pixel has undergone a special treatment. In this way, conversion between images was applied with the formatting technique.

We took pictures of historical and touristic areas with a special technique. Each of the photographed digital data is 8,000 pixels and above. And over 100 tracking reference points were created on each photograph.

The artificial intelligence was taught the method and keywords to follow to switch between these photos.

In this way, artificial intelligence created the transition between photos with its own consciousness and painted the transitions like a painter. That is the Machine Learning.

The most difficult part of the work was that we worked on an unprecedented scale and included not only a viewing screen but also the floor in this project.