Journey of The Universe

Play Video We create immersive experiences for the Konya Science Festival. 10x10mt Immersive Room.  Enhanced way of story telling! All

Rams Garden Intro Immersive Experience

Play Video The immersive room offers visitors a unique experience. Immersion is achieved by the image and the content displayed over 360° in video projection, giving the impression of being within the projected work. We amplify the feeling of being at the heart of the show.

Antique Phrygia: Immersive Experience

Play Video We built it on a 270 degree place to maximize the visitor experience. In addition to this space that surrounds us, we also created a visual viewing area on its ground. In this show, where we aim for an immersive experience, using software-based artificial intelligence on millions of photos the pixel has undergone […]

Konya Science Center Permanent Installations

Play Video We took part in the Konya Science Festival with many digital works and suggestions we put into practice. Within the project, we prepared 28+ projectors and more than 400 m2 Led Screen content; These; Main Stage Setup and Management, Projection Mapping Opening Show, 200 pcs Drone Show, 10x10mt Immersive Room, 110m2 Led Tower, […]

Yassiada Democracy and Freedom Museum / Content Production

Play Video We took part in all visual and auditory content studies in the areas of the Island of Democracy and Freedom, which has been turned into an extremely important open-air museum in terms of social memory. In this long-term project, we formed a team of 39 people and carried out many archive and text […]

Battle of Sakarya – Museum of Turkish History

Battle of Sakarya – Museum of Turkish History Scenarios & Concept & Visual / Large Screen – Dome – Mock-up Mapping Client: Devin Tanıtım Visual & Concept Production: Project Istanbul

Ata’ya Saygı Festivali

Play Video We prepared 3 minutes show and many loops for Respect to Ataturk Festival. Object Projection Mapping Dummy size: 17 mt x 2.50 meter Ata’ya Saygı Festivali 2018 Ilıca – Çeşme Technical Production: CoolEvent Content & Visual Production : Project Istanbul